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Kukicha: The Peasants Drink

Japanese tea culture is renowned for their high quality green teas, including the ever-popular matcha and sencha, which have become household names all over the world. Kukicha tea, or “stem tea” on the other hand,

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Genmai-cha: Japanese brown rice tea

What became colloquially known as “the people’s tea” for its accessibility by the common man, Genmai-cha, simply put,  is a green tea mixed with roasted grains of brown rice, giving it a warm seductive and

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Tea Smuggling?

Midway through the 18th century British customs officers intercepted a shipment of illegal goods off the coast of Dorset. After the shipment was impounded a group of 60 smugglers brazenly rode in and reclaimed their

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The Great Tea Race of 1866

It might sound like something out of a movie, but in 1866 five of the best clipper ships of its age set sail from China on an almost 16.000 mile race around the world to

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