‘Tea has the potential to be appreciated just like fine wine’

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Nicole Wilson runs the interesting blog Tea For Me Please and has just released her first book: The Tea Recipe Book. We spoke her about tea trends and conservatism within the tea industry. “The trend I would like to see is more focus on single-origin teas.”

What tea trends do we see this year? Interestingly enough, a lot of the trends I am seeing this year involve botanicals more than Camellia Sinensis. Butterfly pea flower is popping up everywhere. I’m also seeing leaves from other plants, like olive trees, being processed similarly to tea. The last few years have caused a major lifestyle change for many people. Rather than the rat race to commute to work, more people are working from home. Health has also become a higher priority in a not-quite-post-pandemic world.

How conservative is the tea industry when it comes to introducing new techniques and flavors?The tea industry tends to be somewhat conservative. New techniques and flavors are often inspired by other industries, especially in the wellness and mixology space. In the United States, we also tend to borrow a lot from the coffee industry since it is more widespread than tea. That is slowly changing as the customer base for tea is shifting to a younger demographic.

What trend would you like to see within the tea industry and why?The trend I would like to see is more focus on single-origin teas. Tea has the potential to be appreciated just like fine wine and other beverages, but there is still a gap in consumer awareness and education. Part of my mission as a tea educator is to change that!

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