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The Story of Dragon Well Tea

The story goes that a village in China was experiencing a severe drought and the desperate locals were told to pray to a benevolent dragon that was said to live in a nearby well. Rain

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Green Tea: Don’t Believe the Hype

With societies all around the world slowly moving towards more healthier ways of living, and an ever-increasing awareness of what we put in our bodies, the quest to uncover the health benefits in tea has

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The Evolution of the tea caddy

A tea caddy, a container in which tea is kept, is the staple of many kitchens throughout the world to this day. Even though in modern times many of these containers are simple in design

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The Story of Christmas Tea

The days are getting shorter, the cold makes it more cozy inside, festive lights shimmer throughout the neighborhood as families are getting ready for the holidays. Christmas is an important time for many people; a

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The story of Black Dragon Tea

The origins of oolong tea, a mixture between black or green tea depending on the oxidation levels that comes in many flavorful variations, like most other teas, is hidden in myth and legend. But even

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