Tea is suffering from commoditization

“Twenty-five years ago, when I joined the business, we all met, we would meet our customers, we would taste tea, you had great tea companies around the world that would taste tea. Today there’s no tea tasting, it’s “this is my price”.”

The passionate mission of the blog Tea For Me Please

With her passionate blog about tea, Tea For Me Please, Nicole Wilson from the United States won the Word Tea Award for Best Tea Blog in 2018. Her mission? “To help others learn more about tea in an approachable way. This is important because loose leaf tea is still new to many people.” Who are

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‘Tea business will survive covid-19’

With Nepal in a nation-wide lockdown due to covid-19 Rijan Ojha from from Agriterra fills us in with how the tea business is affected. He is optimistic however: “the tea business will survive as this is the second preferred drink after water. I am sure that the online medium of

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How Covid-19 is affecting Satemwa tea estate

In his first post Alexander Kay from Satemwa Tea and Coffee estate in Malawi told us about the family company. Now he tells more about tea research and tea manufacturing. But unfortunately Satemwa can’t escape the Covid-19 crisis. “We have to rethink the way forward.” How is the current Covid-19

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Meet Chen Xueying from Wuyi-rock tea factory in China!

Stories About Tea welcomes a new international guest writer, who will contribute once a month! Meet Chen Xueying from China, owner of Wuyi-rock tea factory. “I feel tea blending is like art.” Who are you and what do you do within the tea industry?My name is Chen Xueying and my

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The Popularity of Yerba Mate

Although it’s strictly speaking not a real tea, yerba mate (chimarrão or cimarrón) is one of the most popular beverages in South America that you might have never heard of. In certain regions of the continent it is even more popular than coffee or traditional tea, and in Argentina, Uruguay

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Tea Around The World: The Russian Samovar

Like many places in the world Russia was first introduced to tea in the 16th century, after Cossack Atamans ventured into China. In the centuries that followed trade deals were established that imported tea in ever increasing quantities, thus making it more affordable for all, resulting in mass adoption throughout the

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The story behind Lumbini Sinharaja Wiry Tips

Stories About Tea welcomes the second post of Chaminda from Lumbini Tea Valley in Sri Lanka. In this post he explains why their Sinhara Wiry Tips is the most decorated tea in the world. What do you do in March at Lumbini?February and March is the dry season for not

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