Tea is suffering from commoditization

“Twenty-five years ago, when I joined the business, we all met, we would meet our customers, we would taste tea, you had great tea companies around the world that would taste tea. Today there’s no tea tasting, it’s “this is my price”.”

The passionate mission of the blog Tea For Me Please

With her passionate blog about tea, Tea For Me Please, Nicole Wilson from the United States won the Word Tea Award for Best Tea Blog in 2018. Her mission? “To help others learn more about tea in an approachable way. This is important because loose leaf tea is still new to many people.” Who are

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How is COVID-19 affecting the tea industry in Taiwan?

As an island Taiwan has natural borders, which makes it easier to protect from viruses like COVID-19. Our guest writer Cortilia Lin from TeaTalk Academy Taiwan has written a new blog about the impact of COVID-19 on the tea industry in Taiwan. “During the first half of the year, the

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The Story of Iced Tea

Although iced or chilled tea has been consumed to quench one’s thirst on a hot summer day in one way or another throughout history, the iced tea as we know it today is very much an American style of drinking tea. Americans drink significantly more iced tea than its hot

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How can tea reduce stress?

The potential healing properties of tea has again become a hot-button topic in recent years. Considering this increasingly complex world of ours, rife with personal and social upheaval, and now a global pandemic to contend with, the effects of tea on our levels of stress and anxiety seems like a

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How covid-19 is affecting the tea industry in India

Tea consultant Parveez Arshad Hussain from India raises the alarm bells when it comes to the tea industry in India. “The production figures are dismal, the only plus has been the high prices, but definitely not for all teas though.” How are you coping with covid-19 in India?As you must

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