Tea is suffering from commoditization

“Twenty-five years ago, when I joined the business, we all met, we would meet our customers, we would taste tea, you had great tea companies around the world that would taste tea. Today there’s no tea tasting, it’s “this is my price”.”

How is the Ceylon tea industry coping with Covid?

Covid has been challenging for the Ceylon tea industry, and Lumbini Tea Valley in particular. But once the Srilankan government declared tea as an essential industry, plans were made. “Quality will be the way forward and artisanal and specialty teas will become a trend in 2021”, says Chaminda from Lumbini

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Indian tea business in 2021 ‘should be good’

It has been a strange year for the tea industry in India, but hopes are good for this year. “Business in 2021 should be good as the thrust to try and maintain high levels would be there.”, says Tea consultant Parveez Arshad Hussain. How do you look back on 2020?It

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‘Single cultivar sencha is the future of Japanese tea’

In November last year we interviewed Ricardo Caicedo about his interesting tea blog My Japanese Green Tea. Being a certified tea advisor from the Nihoncha Instructor Association, Ricardo is an expert on Japanese tea. His goal is to spread the word about Japanese tea. What do you think the trend

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The story of Eastern Beauty: The Bug-bitten tea

Dongfang Meiren (“Oriental” or “Eastern Beauty”), Bail Hao Oolong (“White Tip Oolong”) or Pengfeng Cha (“Braggart’s tea”) these are all names referring to a prestigious high quality Oolong tea hailing from Taiwan. But what exactly is Eastern Beauty, and why is it held in such high regard? The story goes

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