The difference between tea packers and tea growers

We proudly welcome Soo Choi-Bosman, Transformation Director at Dilmah Benelux, as our new guest writer. Read her interesting story about ‘tea packers and tea growers’. Nowadays consumer shows on TV focus on the quality issues surrounding tea. Various tea brands are being examined. In my opinion, an important distinction remains

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How does the tea industry in Taiwan cope with covid?

Tea professional Cortilia Lin from Taiwan shares her thoughts and insights about the current state the tea industry is right now, compared to the worldwide trend. “In Taiwan, though exports declined by 26%, the domestic market remains strong. Moreover, tea farm themed travel packages also received a good level of

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How is the Ceylon tea industry coping with Covid?

Covid has been challenging for the Ceylon tea industry, and Lumbini Tea Valley in particular. But once the Srilankan government declared tea as an essential industry, plans were made. “Quality will be the way forward and artisanal and specialty teas will become a trend in 2021”, says Chaminda from Lumbini

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