What is oolong tea?

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Oolong is a traditional semi-oxidized Chinese tea and it is produced by withering the plant under strong sun and oxidation. Afterwards the leaves are curled and twisted. Most oolong teas, especially those of fine quality, involve unique tea plant cultivars that are exclusively used for particular varieties. The degree of oxidation ranges from 8–85%,depending on the variety and production style. People in south China and Chinese expats in Southeast Asia drink a lot of oolong.

There are many different types of oolong tea, depending on the gardening and style of production. Some are sweet and fruit with honey aromas, others are woody and thick with roasted aromas. Then there are types that are green and fresh with complex aromas.

Oolong tea

Several types of oolong tea are among the most famous Chinese teas. Different varieties of oolong are processed differently, but the leaves are usually formed into one of two distinct styles. Some are rolled into long curly leaves, while others are curled into small beads, each with a tail. The former style is the more traditional.

Oolong generally contains caffeine, although the caffeine content in tea will vary based on terroir, when the leaf is plucked, and the production processes.

Standard oolong tea brewing advice

At what temperature should you brew Oolong tea

Brew temperature 93-96 °C

How much Oolong tea per amount of water

Standard 200 ml water and 3 g of tea

How long should the Oolong tea steep for

two to three minutes

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