Top 10 tea drinking countries in the world

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After water tea is the most drunk liquid in the world and if we look at manufactured drinks we can say tea is the undeniable number one. Tea is drunk all over the world and almost every culture has their own traditions and favorite tea times. Bu where do people consume the most cups of tea per person in the world? We take a look at the top 10!

Generally speaking we can say that tea is most popular in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the English speaking countries. And although China is the country where tea originated from it is fascinating to sea it doesn’t even make the top 10. We find China at number 20 in the list.

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Another country that surprisingly doesn’t make the top 10 is India. It is the country where the most is drunk every year, but per person the average tea consumption is even less than in China. India sits at number 28 in the list of of countries by tea consumption per capita.

Top 10 tea drinking countries

1. Turkey
Number one tea country is Turkey. The Turks drink an average of 6.96 lb (3.16 kg) per capita (head) per year.

2. Ireland
Of all the English speaking countries where tea traditionally is being served several times a day, Ireland is surprisingly the country where its inhabitants drink the most cups of tea per person per year, 4.83 lb (2.19 kg).

3. United Kingdom
As a former colonial power tea was introduced from the former colony India. The United Kingdom has a rich tradition in drinking tea. The annual average consumption per person is 4.28 lb (1.94 kg).

4. Iran: 3.30 lb (1.50 kg)
5. Russia: 3.05 lb (1.38 kg)
6. Morocco: 2.68 lb (1.22 kg)
7. New Zealand: 2.63 lb (1.19 kg)
8. Egypt: 2.23 lb (1.01 kg)
9. Poland: 2.2 lb (1.00 kg)
10. Japan: 2.13 lb (0.97 kg)

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