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‘Tea will benefit on 2021 of busy life and work; people relax with tea’

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Chen Xueying from China, owner of Wuyi-rock tea factory, has seen an increase in sales last year. “KTV (private rooms in bars for relaxing, Stories About Tea) has caused the sales of tea to our customers to go up.”

When the epidemic broke out, we had not yet started making spring tea, so in the spring of last year, we did not collect a lot of raw materials for processing, so we made fresh leaves from our own tea garden. Later, because of the epidemic, everyone could not go to the bar. KTV (private rooms in bars for relaxing, Stories About Tea) has caused the sales of tea to our customers to go up. Our tea was sold very fast last year, and sales to many of our customers have also increased by 30%.

In fact, in the first half of 2020, most cities in China have resumed normal life. Our customers from other regions still come to Wuyishan to buy tea, so our business is still running normally. Because our customers are all tea shop owners, they want to buy tea when they want to do business, so the impact on us is not great.

For my family in 2021, we are looking forward to better weather during our production period, and then we can make better tea, because without the weather, you may not be able to make very good tea with good craftsmanship.

The domestic tea trend in 2021, I personally think it is still very good, because busy life and work bring people all kinds of pressure and troubles, many people are willing to drink some good tea to relax themselves, maybe find a moment for themselves for relaxation and tranquility.

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