Tea sommelier Michèle Decol does the ZeroWater tea test

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In the United States, ZeroWater is mainly used by people who want to purify their tap water. Here in Western Europe the tap water is of such a good quality that you don’t get sick after drinking it. But that does not mean that ZeroWater does not improve the tap water here. Our tap water also tastes softer and tastier after using our filters.


We see in Western Europe that fervent tea lovers are slowly finding their way to ZeroWater. After all, tea consists of 99 percent water and bad water gives bad tea. By filtering water with ZeroWater and then using it to make tea, you get tea with a better taste and color.

Sommeliers are already a well-known phenomenon in the wine world. But because there are also a huge number of teas and each tea tastes different, more and more tea sommeliers come and share their knowledge about taste, aroma and the different types of tea during master classes.

Because not every tea sommelier knows the effect of ZeroWater on water, and therefore tea, we organize ZeroWater tea tests. The Flemish tea sommelier Michèle Delcol recently visited us to make tea with tap water and ZeroWater and then taste both. It will come as no surprise which tea she ultimately chose as the tastiest. The tea made with ZeroWater of course!

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