Tea recipes: how about Roasted Oolong with Salted Cream Cold Foam?

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Nicole Wilson runs the interesting blog Tea For Me Please and has just released her first book: The Tea Recipe Book. “Many of the recipes are tried and true favorites that I have been making at home for years.”

What made you decide to write this book?
I had been wanting to write a book about tea for some time, but couldn’t decide on a topic. My publisher actually approached me about writing a tea recipe book. That made it easier for me since they had already decided on the topic and some of the concepts.

What is your goal with this book?
My goal was to write a book full of tea recipes that are fun and easy to make at home regardless of your prior experience with tea. You don’t need a lot of fancy tools and gadgets to make a delicious tea-based beverage or sweet at home. I gave alternative preparation methods and substitutions whenever I could so that readers could feel empowered to make the recipe in whatever way is accessible to them.

How did you do your research for the recipes?
Many of the recipes are tried and true favorites that I have been making at home for years. For others, I thought of my favorite flavor combinations and how they can be incorporated into tea. There was also a lot of testing to make sure I got them just right, especially when it came to my recipe for homemade boba. I wasn’t happy with the premade options that I found so I had to figure out a way to make small batches at home without too much fuss.

What’s your favorite recipe?
I am obsessed with the Matcha Lemon Sugar Cookies. They’re the perfect soft, chewy texture and the flavors compliment each other really well. I’ve made them for friends and family and they were a big hit with people who don’t even usually like green tea.

Is there a recipe people might find a bit odd at first but once they have tasted it, they are hooked?
Roasted Oolong with Salted Cream Cold Foam is definitely one of the recipes that readers have told me they were surprised by the most. Oolong is not a tea that people often think about making as a latte. The hint of salt really makes the roastiness of the tea pop while also reducing bitterness a bit.

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