‘Single cultivar sencha is the future of Japanese tea’

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In November last year we interviewed Ricardo Caicedo about his interesting tea blog My Japanese Green Tea. Being a certified tea advisor from the Nihoncha Instructor Association, Ricardo is an expert on Japanese tea. His goal is to spread the word about Japanese tea.

What do you think the trend in Japanese tea will be this year?
“I think that the market for single estate, single cultivar sencha will continue to grow. It will still be a small niche of the overall Japanese tea market, but it is a natural progression for tea enthusiasts that want to discover the different aromas and flavors that these cultivars can offer.”

How big can single cultivar sencha become?
“It isn’t a far fetched idea, because it’s already present in wine. People pay attention not only to the region but to the grape varietywhen choosing a wine. While it will certainly take a lot of time before this becomes mainstream, I think that this is the future of Japanese tea.”

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