The importance of water for a good cup of coffee

Water is extremely important for tea and the lower the tds in water, the better a cup of tea tastes. But how about coffee? Is water as important for coffee as it is for tea? We asked Bjorn Aarts, coffee expert and owner of his own coffee-roasting factory. “Water is

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The importance of low TDS in water for tea

Tea consists for 99 percent of water and water contains a lot of dissolved solids: organic and inorganic. Organic solids stem from everything that lives like animals and plants; inorganic solids can be found in particles that don’t live like sand and stone. The more dissolved solids in water, the

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The history of tea

Tea originated in Southwest China, where it was used as a medicinal drink. It was popularized as a recreational drink during the Chinese Tang dynasty, and tea drinking spread to other East Asian countries. Portuguese priests and merchants introduced it to Europe during the 16th century. During the 17th century,

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