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‘Online tea experience will continue to grow in 2021’

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Daniela from the tea blog Tea Cachai looks back with mixed feelings on last year, but is hopeful about 2021. She expects the ‘online tea experience’ to grow and sees other trends. “A big focus and demand on herbal teas will continue to grow and I also think there will be more of a demand for different and more ‘playful’ tea-based drinks.”

What was the best-read post on your blog in 2020?
My Rose Latte, it’s been a hit! I guess people love that it’s pink yet natural… It’s kind of a different drink that most people are used to. Since it’s caffeine-free, I know some who’ve made it for young kids and they love it too.

How do you look back on 2020?
It was definitely a tough one. On the personal side, not being able to see family was very hard. And on the professional side, it was also hard because I have little kids who were home a lot and I couldn’t be productive. I had lots of ideas and goals for 2020 and couldn’t develop most of them.

On the positive side, I showed up a lot on camera! I am still very shy to appear on camera but I definitely overcame a lot of it last year. I was fortunate to teach several online tea workshops and conduct interviews. This has given me more confidence to keep doing it, so I have more things planned for the future!

How hard was it in the tea business in 2020?
I know that on the grower’s and producer’s side it was quite a tough year, but on the consumer side, I feel it was ok. There was a lot of focus on wellness and people were looking at what to spend their money on, and many people found tea as a resource for comfort, health, and flavor too.

Many tea businesses suffered from the big loss of the hospitality industry but there was an increase on the retail customer’s side which was able to cover many companies with their e-commerce.

What do you expect business-wise for 2021?
On the tea industry side, I understand that there should be no significant long-term effect on supply due to covid consequences, but we will inevitably see prices going up because of freight and transportation increased rates.

Also, as we see the vaccine covering more and more people, we’ll start seeing a reactivation of the hospitality industry, where tea also plays a big part of. Hopefully, people will stay enthusiastic about tea and keep it as a part of their lives, inside their homes and out too.Regarding my website, specifically, I want to focus on video, growing and posting more content on my Youtube channel, and doing more tea workshops online.

What will the trends be in tea for 2021?
I believe there will be a lot from 2020 moving on and continuing to 2021 like the wellness trend. A big focus and demand on herbal teas will continue to grow and I also think there will be more of a demand for different and more ‘playful’ tea-based drinks. I’m seeing a lot of interest and a rising offer on adaptogenic lattes, matcha and other ingredients combinations, etc.

Also, I think there will be a lot more tea experiences connected with tea drinking. Many brands and businesses are conducting workshops and classes online and I believe we’ll continue to see this ‘online tea experience’ grow.

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