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Nitro tea: Fresh tea for a modern world

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The tea community loves a good trend: Whether it be the fermented feistiness of Kombucha, or the tapioca ball-infused bubble tea that is taking the industry by storm, the younger generations of tea drinkers, aided by the rise of social media, are always looking for a new trend. The exhilarating taste of Nitro tea, tea infused with nitrogen might just be that next best thing.

Nitrogen infused coffee and beer have been around for a while, but since 2016 nitro tea has been introduced to the tea industry, and it has been steadily rising in popularity. Simply put, any normal brew of black, green or oolong tea can be infused with nitrogen (the chemical element that makes up earth’ atmosphere for 78%) and safely stored and packaged for sale.

There are several reasons why nitro tea is particularly appealing to today’s generation of tea drinkers. More than ever consumers are aware of the nutrients they put in their body, and health and performance have moved to the top of the list for many. Firstly, for those of us tracking our daily caloric intake, the absence of any additives in nitro tea keeps the calorie count near zero. Secondly, one of the main culprits of bad health has been identified as sugar, as it adds to the risk of heart disease, obesity and more. Most beverages, from sodas to our flavored coffees and teas contain substantial amounts of sugar, or sugar is added for taste. So the fact that nitro tea removes some of the bitterness of tea and creates a sweet taste through its infusion, without the addition of actual sugar, is a huge bonus.

Moreover, consumers tend to be more conscientious these days about drinking dairy products, for reasons ranging from being lactose intolerant, to avoiding fats, to not consuming animal products for moral reasons. Alternatives like almond or soy milk are often used substitutes to dairy, but infusing tea with nitrogen creates little nitrogen bubbles, which leads to a creamy, milk-like taste and texture, again without actually having to use any sort of additive.

Nitro tea is increasingly more available in restaurants and supermarkets, but you can also quite easily make nitro tea at home. You would need a nitrogen infusion machine (available in a whole range of prices), but that is about it. Just brew your favorite tea, or experiment with flavors, infuse it with nitrogen, and you are good to go.  

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