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Kilimanjaro Specialty Tea : ‘We will produce tea from coffee leaves in May!’

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Bente from Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Specialty Tea shares her tea stories with us on a regular basis. She is currently working tea from coffee leaves!

How is the development of the 9 products of tea from coffee leaves going?
The development is completed but I have not really begun with proper marketing. As I have still tea orders to work on, and I have no spare tea for the blends at the moment. Both the tea leaf and the coffee leaf are organic certified.

What was the hardest part of the development?
I had the assistance of a Pro; Joyce Teamaster. She has done the first step by doing the blends and then it was relatively easy to do the fine tuning together. I am getting very good feedback and I am encouraged to push these new teas further.

When do you expect to have a product that is ready to be drunk?
In May I will be able to produce these teas. Now I would be able to do it for samples only. And I do have samples ready to be sent ;-).

What flavors do the 9 teas have?
Green Steam: Lively green tea rich sweet and smooth umami notes of herbal and floral notes
Green Sunrise: Gold and green, this tea is well rounded with an indulgent aroma and sweet finish. Buttery, chocolaty notes with a delicate hint of herbs.
Silver Honey: Elegant and sophisticated with a floral hint and smooth honey texture.
Kiss of The Sun: Bright amber cup with beautiful floral and peachy notes
Red Honey: Rich coppery cup , touch malty with a caramel twist
Shaken & Stirred: Light , peachy and complex
Sunset Bourbon: Magical and mellow and soothing

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