International Tea Day raises awareness

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There is a good chance you haven’t heard about it before, unless you’re from a tea producing country like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Kenya, or Tanzania, but did you know that International Tea Day is celebrated every year on December 15?

After being discussed at the World Social Forum in 2004 this special day for tea was established in 2005 by a number of trade unions and international companies. Their aim is to raise awareness for the labor conditions in the global tea trade, including fair wages for the workers, proper water and sanitation facilities on plantations, educational possibilities, and health care in remote areas. On the day itself trade unions organize seminars and other public event that serve this goal.

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International Tea day also bolsters a sense of solidarity among small tea growers who are competing with multinational companies. In 2015, a delegation from the Indian government made a proposal to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to expand the celebration of International Tea Day.

Outside of the tea producing countries International Tea Day is more of a celebration of tea culture in general. It provides tea drinkers with a chance to acknowledge how one of their favorite beverages is produced. Or, of course, tea fans can simply share their love and appreciation on Instagram or Twitter with the popular hashtag #internationalteaday.

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