Good summer for growing tea leafs in Sri Lanka

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With Covid having the world in a tight grip, the government in Sri Lanka declared the tea industry as an essential service. “So because of that the tea industry was running well at that time”, says Chaminda from Lumbini Tea Valley in Sri Lanka.

What was summer like for growing tea in Sri Lanka?
Summer was really great to lumbini tea valley.with the challenges from the Covid, we managed to do our routine work at the valley. We had a mild and very nice climate this season and we thought that we should improve our leaf quality more. So we took the necessary action to improve the leaf quality and as a result of it, we got superb quality tea this summer. To produce a good quality tea,the leaf quality is a must. So at Lumbini Tea Valley we were able to produce superb quality tea. And we made some changes inside the factory according to the leaf quality and we came out with superb results with the tea tastes being improved with the cup colors also. So with a good quality raw material we can do wonders inside the factory with a good manufacture.

How is Covid influencing the tea business in Sri Lanka right now?
In Sri Lanka,when the first wave of Covid came in March, the government announced the whole tea industry as an essential service. So because of that the whole industry has to work with the safety measures being taken. We had to implement so many precautions in order to prevent our team from getting this virus. So all the workers were given masks and temperature checks and all other measures were taken. So because of that the tea industry was running well at that time. Now with the third wave of Covid coming, we thought that we should make this situation the new normal. So at Lumbini Tea Valley we announced that until further notice we should adhere to these preventive health measures to avoid the virus being affected to us. We are working really hard to run the operations while guaranteeing the safety for the team.

What tea would you like to recommend for this time of year and why?
I would like to recommend Lumbini Tea Valley Golden Breakfast Tea. This tea is also an award winning tea, and this breakfast tea is the only breakfast tea in the world which has the broken Bud ends in the tea. So because of this, the tea has a very unique honey taste while the tea is really strong to go with the milk. This tea has won about 10 awards in competitions as the best breakfast blend including world tea expo. This tea is really famous in the USA for one of the best breakfast teas.and this tea can be drank with savory items.and it comes out as a superb combination. Why I recommend this tea for this time is, when you wake up on a lovely summer morning this tea will give you a really nice energy to you to enjoy the whole day from the morning to night.

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