‘A cup of tea is one of the safest places that anyone can turn too’

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While battling depression Angela founded The Tea Giver Project in the middle of the night on June 17th of 2019. Since then 26,427 boxes of tea and 50,076 tea bags have been given. And the giving continues. “At the time I had lost any sight of hope until I turned to tea. The place I felt safest was with a cup of tea in my hand. I’ve become a walking teapot working on The Tea Giver Project every moment. There is hope and healing through a cup of tea.”

What is the tea giver project?
The Tea Giver Project is a non profit organization that provides cups of comfort throughout the world. The Tea Giver Project gifts boxes of tea and tea bags to others so that they too can find comfort in their life. The Tea Giver Project gifts tea to communities and people that could need a bit of comfort.

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Why and when did you start it?
In 2019 I was battling depression and tea had been my only source of comfort and my few moments of hope. The Tea Giver Project was founded in the middle of the night on June 17th of 2019 to comfort others who may be going through what I went through. You never know what someone may be going through and tea consists of healing powers to help you get through that something. Healing the world through tea is my superpower.

What is your goal with the tea giver project?
The three main aims of The Tea Giver Project are connecting, healing, and comforting. Tea brings people together and sparks conversations on the topics that need to be talked about. Together we can change the world through a cup of tea. My goal is to share the healing that tea brings with as many people as I possibly can across the globe.

What has the tea giver project given you yourself in terms of fulfillment?
We can heal through our everyday tasks and in healing others through tea that brings a sense of comfort to me. The Tea Giver Project helps me to become a much stronger person as well as gaining a sense of being in this world. Every waking moment that I possibly can work on my project is when The Tea Giver Project is being worked on. A cup of tea is one of the safest places that anyone can turn too.

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